Artist Gym is Electric Eye Ensemble’s monthly creation and creativity workshop for people of all backgrounds to create new work in a supportive and low-pressure environment. Each Gym is themed and facilitators lead participants through an exploration of that theme using various artistic exercises. Artist Gym is ideal for professional theater artists, and the artistically inclined of all backgrounds. No prior theatrical training is needed, only an open mind and a readiness to collaborate. Artist Gym is dedicated to building a community of diverse individuals who value collaboration and art-making in New York City.

In the works:

February 3rd, 2–6 pm, at the 14th Street Y
Going Green (focus on families with children ages 3–12)
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March 12th, 2–6 pm, at the 14th Street Y
Spring Carnival (focus on families with children ages 3–12)
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“Thank you for bringing together a community of artists. I think art is about more than just the performance, it’s about thinking about the world and the context we make our art in. Artist Gym gives room for questioning our values and perception, which creates art that’s more current and more vital.”

“I had a great time meeting and playing with all the artists and artistically inclined.”

“Artist Gym is a fantastic resource that I haven’t seen or experienced elsewhere — the opportunity for artists and non-artists alike to come together in a low pressure environment and partake in the joy of creation.”

“Thank you for the gift of space and intention … it is rare to find a time and place to play with a willing community of people.”


Artist Gym was founded in 2015 by Sarah Plotkin, Electric Eye Ensemble’s artistic director. She had just finished directing the company's first show, and although it was a wonderful experience, she felt too exhausted to begin working on a new production right away. She wanted a way to keep her creative juices going and stay connected to the amazing collaborators she'd met during that first show.

Out of those needs came the idea for Artist Gym. It allowed the Electric Eye collaborators to stay connected even when they weren’t working on a show, and was also a great way to meet new artists. The first Gym took place in a tiny rehearsal studio in Manhattan with four participant. Now, two years later, it’s still going strong.