Artist Gym Membership


Most Artist Gyms have a $10 suggested donation. This covers the cost of the materials, and most importantly renting space in Manhattan (all Artist Gym facilitators and producers are volunteers!). This year we are offering an Artist Gym Membership to help cover these costs. This means paying a one time fee that will get you into every Gym for a full year. Membership is on a tiered structure. Here’s what you get at each level:

Artist Gym Supporter

This membership costs 25% less than if you were to attend each Gym and donate $10. This is a great option if you plan to come to most Gyms and want to show your support for the workshop series in one fell swoop! Artist Gym supporters get a nifty membership card.

Artist Gym Friend

This membership costs the same amount as if you donated $10 to attend Artist Gym every month. We know you probably won't make it every month, so that extra money goes to covering other participants who aren't able to pay the full suggested donation each time. Artist Gym Friends get a membership card and a half price ticket to our annual Artist Gym Showcase.

Artist Gym BFF

Best friends forever. This membership is slightly above the cost of a year of Gyms. That means your membership will be helping other people attend as well! Artist Gym BFFs cover the cost of 3 other people to participate in the Gym so we can continue to offer the workshop series as a donation-based event. You'll get a cool membership card, a half-price ticket to the Artist Gym Showcase, and 2 guest passes to bring a friend to a Gym for free.

Artist Gym Lover

Hey there lover. This membership will cover the cost of 8 other Artist Gym participants and will garner you our undying love and gratitude. Artist Gym Lovers get the aforementioned membership card, a FREE ticket to the Artist Gym Showcase, 3 guest passes to bring a friend to a Gym for free, and the big prize...choose a theme for an upcoming Gym!