devised by the ensemble · directed by Sarah Plotkin

On Christmas Eve 1968, the astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission took a picture of the Earth, dubbed “Earthrise,” and changed the world. It gave humanity a new perspective on our planet’s fragility and isolation in the universe. But now, 49 years later, the image of Earthrise appears unimpressive. Using puppetry, movement and design elements, this piece seeks to reawaken the sense of wonderment and hope that Earthrise initially inspired.

Earthrise was shown at Artist Gym Showcase 2017, and at Sarah After Hours at Dixon Place. There is an upcoming showing at PuppetBloK at Dixon Place.

The ensemble: Leah Ogawa, Ashley Winkfield, Evelyn Dumont
Director: Sarah Plotkin
Sound designer: Joshua Langman
Movement supervisor: Julia Corrigan