Artist Gym archives

Inner Beast
October 28, 2018
How are we as humans still animals? What is underneath our willingness to be our perfect selves? When you strip away the performance of fitting into society what is left? Just in time for Halloween, this workshop we will explore our inner demons, creatures, monsters, ghouls and whatever in between. Through movement, costume making, and text, participants will create work to examine these beasts within and create new collaborative work. As an added bonus you will be able to take home your costume creations for an extra Halloween treat.

Luminosity [Artist Gym Extravaganza 2018]
August 25, 2018
In English, we say someone is glowing when they are happy. We say they are gloomy when they are discouraged. “Letting your light shine” means to be your truest and best self. In literature, light and the weather are often personified with emotional gravity. Through discussion, writing, and movement activities, this workshop will explore luminosity and our physical, theoretical, emotional, and spiritual associations. At the end we will work together to create new short theatrical pieces that could grow into a larger project or be an exercise in creative practice.

The Intention of Giving and Getting
December 8, 2017
Life happens between helpless and unstoppable. What do you do to feel healthy? What do you do to feel creatively fulfilled? Join us for a creative exploration of giving and getting through movement, writing, and discussion. Facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Jazelle Foster.

March 25, 2017
Gravity is an unseen, unchanging force in the world and our lives.  It affects all of us every day without us having any awareness.  But the concept of gravity expands past the physical definition.  It shows up in language, with phrases like “what’s the gravity of the situation,” and in our lives when you feel gravitationally drawn towards a person or a thing.  Through movement, puppetry, writing, and discussion this workshop will explore gravity in all of its many facets to come to an understanding of its role in our lives. Facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Andrew Murdock.

February 26, 2017
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of magic?  What role did magic play in your childhood and how has it continued to influence your life in adulthood?   How does your culture use magic in its traditions or rituals?  Was there a moment when you stopped believing in magic?  Join us for an exploration of magic in ritual, culture, and everyday life. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Daughters of Elysium, Melanie Rose Thomas and Katrina Mattson.

January 28, 2017
What does it mean to see or be seen? How can we observe without using our eyes? After observation, how does an action or object change? Through multidisciplinary exercises we will explore and practice observation to enhance our perceptions of our world and ourselves. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Sean Devare.

Beauty and Power
December 17, 2016
How do you define beauty? Who has power in your world? What makes you feel powerful or beautiful? How do social standards of power and beauty affect men v. women? Can we use beauty as a form of power and vice versa? Co-facilitated by Olivia Luna and Rachel Gubow.

Musical Connections
November 19, 2016
How is music used in your culture? How can music foster both connections and differences? How has your identity been shaped by the music you listen to? Music exists in all aspects of our lives, join us for a communal discussion, creation and exploration of music.

October 23, 2016
What is your relationship with death? How do your cultural beliefs affect your concept of death? What superstitions do you have surrounding death? Death is something that affects everything and everyone, so join us for a creative exploration of death and the mythology surrounding it. Facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Clarissa Marie.

September 18, 2016
What does it mean to be playful, and how can we cultivate a feeling of within play? How does a sense of play allow for community building? How can play be used to change one's perspective? Join us as we challenge the idea that play is just for children.  Facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Jess Cermak.

August 13, 2016
Artist Gym Extravaganza is 50% exciting, stimulating, and meaningful creative exploration and 50% celebration and networking with some of the most interesting artists around.  The Artist Gym Committee will lead an exploration and deconstruction of Systems in society. What are the systems that power my world? Where do I fit into those systems? How did those systems come to be? Which systems do I create?

July 23, 2016
What kind of limitations does the world place on you?  How is your identity defined by your limitations?  When do you accept limitation and when do you fight it?  Join us us for a theatrical exploration of the limitations that hinder you and those that help you to thrive. How can you expand as yourself and as part of a group that is bigger than yourself? What makes you feel like you're growing, and how does that manifest in the body? Presented in partnership with All Stars Project, co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Olivia Luna.

 June 18, 2016
What kind of limitations does the world place on you?  How is your identity defined by your limitations?  When do you accept limitation and when do you fight it?  Join us us for a theatrical exploration of the limitations that hinder you and those that help you to thrive. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Jazelle Foster.

States of Matter through Movement
May 21, 2016
What is your relationship to the natural world and the different states of matter that world encompasses?  How do we internalize and represent states of matter in our bodies? Join us for an exploration and discovery of states of matter outside and within the body through discussion, movement and writing. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Jonathan Taylor.

Animating the Inanimate
April 23, 2016
How do we give value to the things around us?  How can we look at objects in a new way, as having a story of their own?  How can we imbue  those objects with life so that they have permission to tell their stories?  Join us as we explore emotionality, physicality, and storytelling through objects. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Monica Lerch.

March 26, 2016
What is your community and how does it relate to your culture? How do you feel other communities differ from your own? In collaboration with the All Stars Project, a 35 year old non-profit working with people of all ages from poor communities, join us for an exploration of culture and community through writing, movement, and storytelling. Co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and Olivia Luna.

January 31, 2016
As we age, we often get bigger, but do we also get better?  How do we measure progress? What use is growing closer if we eventually grow apart? Join us in exploring growth in ourselves, our relationships, and as an ensemble! Produced in collaboration with Hamlet Isn't Dead, co-facilitated by Sarah Plotkin and David Andrew Laws. 

Worth & Value
December 12, 2015
What is value?  What are you worth? What is the difference between the two, and are they intrinsic or subjectively assigned?  Join us for an exploration of value and worth — culturally, emotionally, and physically. Produced in collaboration with The Junkyard Theatre.

By Design
November 21, 2015
What is design? What is design capable of? We all make design choices every day, whether we know it or not — what happens when we take control of these choices? Join us for an exploration of design in life and on the stage.

October 24, 2015
How do you express Joy through your voice? Where do you feel Joy in your body? How do you see Joy in others? Through physical, vocal, and writing exercises, join us for an exploration of Joy’s manifestation in the body.

September 5, 2015
We are inviting new and old Artist Gym friends to play and PARTY with us as we explore the theme of Communication. How do we communicate with the people we care about in this world of texting and Twitter updates? How do we connect with others and the world around us in a meaningful way? 

Planted in the City
July 25, 2015
We are loving the trees and grass and beaches.  To celebrate, we're dedicating July's Artist Gym to nature. What is your relationship with nature in New York City?  How does nature fight to survive here?  Using Prospect Park as a canvas, we will explore nature's place in the City, and it's effect on our lives.

June 27, 2015
Together we will explore Expectation and how it resonates with us in our daily lives emotionally, physically, and theatrically. How does expectation influence your actions? How does reality influence your expectations?  Let's get together and create expectation!

Missed Connections
May 30, 2015
Why do we like to read the sad and touching and funny postings on Craigslist?  How do you feel when you let an opportunity pass you by?  What is connection and how does it even happen?  On May 30th we shared and performed ours and others missed connections, discovering what makes them so fascinating and heart breaking.

April 25, 2015
What do you fear and what is your relationship to fear?  Is there shame involved?  What does society tell us we should be afraid of?  Through movement, writing and conversation we performed an exploration of our personal fears, and the trust needed to face those fears together.  

March 21, 2015
An exploration of Rootedness and Sense of Place.  What does home mean to you?  What is it's importance?  Does everyone have a home?  In March we explored these questions and many others through visual arts and performance, creating and questioning the theme together.