Welcome to the Doll Den — past productions

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The Drama League (staged reading) · August 2017

The ensemble: Maybe Burke, Evelyn Dumont, Emily Johnson-Erday, Elena Kritter, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Alana S. Thomas, Rev. Yolanda
Director: Sarah Plotkin
Book by Sarah Plotkin and the ensemble
Music by Emily Johnson-Erday (lead composer) & Rev. Yolanda (composer)
Lyrics by Joshua Langman
Pianist and arranger: Ethan Ness
Dramaturg: Julia Corrigan
Additional collaborators: Elsa Dial, Jazelle Foster, Cassagnol Leonidas Jr., Clarissa Marie Ligon, Olivia Luna, Leah Ogawa

The Tank (residency and workshop production) · February 2017

The ensemble: Evelyn Dumont, Emily Johnson-Erday, Elena Kritter, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Leah Ogawa, Alana Thomas, Rev. Yolanda
Director: Sarah Plotkin
Lead lyricist & sound designer: Joshua Langman
Lead composer & music director: Emily Johnson-Erday
Choreographer & dramaturg: Julia Corrigan
Set designer: Andrew Murdock
Lighting designer: Sophie Talmadge Silleck
Costume designer: Jeannipher Pacheco
Production stage manager & assistant director: Jazelle Foster
Rehearsal stage manager: Clarissa Marie Ligon
Producer: Elsa Dial & Electric Eye Ensemble
Pianist: Ethan Ness

The Drama League (Rough Draft Residency)
& Dixon Place (work-in-progress showing) · June 2016

The ensemble: Emily Johnson-Erday, Cassagnol Leonidas Jr., Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Olivia Luna, Leah Ogawa, Alana Thomas, Rev. Yolanda
Director: Sarah Plotkin
Lead lyricist and sound designer: Joshua Langman
Set designer: Nehprii Amenii
Lighting designer: Clarissa Marie Ligon
Costume designer: Katie Andrew
Puppet designer: Monica Lerch
Mask designer: Leah Ogawa
Choreographer and dramaturg: Julia Corrigan
Stage manager and assistant director: Jazelle Foster
Producer: Elsa Dial & Electric Eye Ensemble
Dialect coach: Sophia Zukoski