Help us develop Electric Eye Ensemble’s current and future productions.

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Keeping the Lights On (By the Numbers)

Electric Eye Ensemble is excited to enter a new phase as a company. To fund our efforts, we’re returning to our wonderful community in the time-honored tradition of performance artists, passing the hat to keep the lights on and to keep investing in pioneering new works.

Every dollar contribution has a direct impact on the Electric Eye community and our ability to continue making work that ignites an audience’s imagination and calls them to action. Check out what your contribution gives back!

  • $25 pays for one hour of rehearsal. This is the biggest cost associated with a lot of indie theatre productions, and every hour helps.

  • $50 covers materials purchase for Artist Gym, Electric Eye Ensemble’s creation and creativity workshop for people of all backgrounds to create new work in a supportive and low-pressure environment.

  • $200 covers performer fees for our upcoming reading of Welcome to the Doll Den!

  • $300 covers our director and writer fee! Electric Eye Ensemble believes in paying our artists, and investing in the longevity and development of every piece. Your contribution helps compensate hard working artists for their time and talents.

  • $500 covers an entire rehearsal space budget for a new works reading. With rehearsal space at a premium, one of the biggest hurdles to getting new work developed is the cost of space for rehearsal. With a donation of this magnitude, you’ve directly made a new work possible.

What We Do

We tell the stories America has forgotten.

Through the creation of original plays, theatrical events, and workshops, we explore historical events that represent important shifts in American culture. We use performing arts to teach about and learn from American history, allowing past events to inform our future. Electric Eye Ensemble believes that all people should be empowered to express themselves creatively and have a right to tell their story.

Our Current Project: Welcome to the Doll Den

Meet the first “all-girl” radio station, WGAL, founded in 1955 in Memphis. The “jockettes” make radio for women from their studio, the Doll Den. But as time marches on, the shtick gets old and the women want more. What happens when a group of pioneers finds that they’ve been left behind? Inspired by real events, Welcome to the Doll Den tells a story about masks, identity, privilege, and the cost of success.

“Welcome to the Doll Den is a truly beautiful show that instills us with hope for constant progress, and reminds us of the hardship of those who came before.”  — Theatre Is Easy

“This is a product with plenty of potential to eventually reach Broadway, the circuit and even the silver screen.” — Opplaud

Campaign Perks

We’ve got levels of giving for everyone to help support the work Electric Eye will be doing as we go forward into a new production season and phase of growth as a company.

Sparkler · $25

Receive a social media shoutout with a fun fact about a deleted scene from American history!  

Lightbulb · $50

Receive the above plus a thank-you in our program for our entire season of upcoming work as well as our March reading of Welcome to the Doll Den.

Hearth · $100

Receive all of the above plus a personalized thank you video from the Electric Eye Ensemble team musical jingle on a subject of your choice!

Bonfire · $250

Receive two tickets to all 2019 Electric Eye Ensemble productions plus all of the above.

Lighthouse · $500

Receive a signed cast picture from our upcoming reading of Welcome to the Doll Den.

Supernova · $1000

Receive an annotated e-book of Welcome to the Doll Den with clips, deleted scenes, etc.; a bound scrapbook of Doll Den and other EEE projects; and a private concert with EEE.

Can’t give financially at this time, but want to help out? Are you also an artist strapped for cash? Spread the word, or drop us a line to volunteer your time or skills as we keep growing our community.