We tell the stories America has forgotten.

Through the creation of original plays, theatrical events, and workshops, we identify historical events that represent important shifts in American culture and explore them through a non-dominant perspective. Our work is intersectional, timely, and based in first-hand accounts, seeking to create parallels within the modern American context. It is community-based and highly theatrical, often rooted in movement, music, and puppetry.

We want:

  • to encourage collaboration on both a macro and micro level, inspiring a collaborative spirit of engagement with the world, and fostering collaborative systems of creation.

  • to learn from American history and allow past events to inform our future.

  • our theatrical work to be connected to real people and real issues.

  • all people to be empowered to express themselves creatively and have a right to artistic expression.

We strive to be inclusive when choosing collaborators and marketing shows, empower our community members to create their own original work, and promote collaboration within both our productions and our administrative structure. Our ultimate goal is to create each of our projects in partnership with a group of people that has a connection to the story we are telling, and build it with input and first hand accounts from those people.

Electric Eye Ensemble was born in 2014 when our founder, Sarah Plotkin, received a grant from a philanthropic organization supporting female leaders. She used the grant to produce our first production, which told the story of three young women driving down the pacific coast in 1971. The show was devised by the ensemble, and examined what the quintessential American road trip story means when the protagonists are women. It was out of this play, the collaborative nature with which we made it, and the importance we felt in examining a highly American story from a non-dominant perspective that the company and our mission developed.

Our core company represents a diverse range of perspectives and artistic disciplines, and is supported by a strong extended community of associated artists. This group has emerged from both long-time collaborators of our artistic director and new collaborators who stepped up as leaders within the community. All are committed to working collaboratively and bring unique skill sets to the group.