Welcome to the Doll Den

The Tank, April 2019
The Drama League, August 2017
The Tank, February 2017
Dixon Place, June 2016
The Drama League, June 2016

In Memphis, Tennessee, we meet the first all-girl radio station, WGAL. It’s 1955 and the jockettes are making radio for women from their studio, the Doll Den. But as time marches forward the shtick gets old and the women want more. What happens when an all-women’s station is so good that men start listening? Inspired by real events, Welcome to the Doll Den tells a story about masks, identity, and the cost of success.

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Welcome to the Doll Den at The Tank


Dixon Place / Puppet BloK, October 2017
Dixon Place / Sarah After Hours, May 2017
The Tank / Artist Gym Showcase, April 2017

What if you saw a photo that was so breathtakingly beautiful it changed the way you thought about everything? What if that happened to everyone on Earth at the same time? Earthrise is a puppetry love letter to the Earth, remembering the moment on Christmas Eve in 1968 when our world was photographed by astronauts in space and our relationship with this planet changed forever.


Artist Gym Showcase 2017

The Tank, April 2017

A night of short plays created and performed by participants of our Artist Gym workshop series. Featuring work by:

Julia Corrigan
Evelyn Dumont
Electric Eye Ensemble
Clarissa Marie Ligon
Andrew Murdock
Rat Queen Theatre Company
Melanie Rose Thomas

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Light Bulb Bash

Light Bulb Bash

WeWork Dumbo Heights, December 2016

Electric Eye Ensemble's celebration of collaboration, community and two years of making theater in NYC.  Featuring live music, an auction, and an open bar!

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Artist Gym Showcase 2017

Artist Gym Showcase 2016

Access Theatre, February 2016

A night of short plays created and performed by participants of our Artist Gym workshop series. Featuring work by:

Jessica Cermak
Elsa Dial
Clara Elser
The Junkyard
David Andrew Laws
Sonia Mena
Andrew Murdock
Carolina Ordonez
Jonathan Taylor
Magdalen Zinky

Home in Motion

Home in Motion

Wow Cafe Theatre, December 2014

A story about traveling and discovering the power of stories. Three young women drive down the Pacific Coast in 1972, facing only each other and the open road for 18 hours. Through music, storytelling, and puppetry, this original play explores the traditionally male story of independence and belonging, reclaiming the road for women.

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